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Program StaxRip jest oprogramowaniem, za pomocą którego możemy dokonać rekompresji DVD, DVB lub DV do innych popularnych formatów jak: x264, XviD i DivX. Autor nie wyklucza w przyszłości dodania innych formatów wyjściowych. Do poprawnej pracy wymagany jest .net framework 3.

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Program StaxRip jest oprogramowaniem, za pomocą którego możemy dokonać rekompresji DVD, DVB lub DV do innych popularnych formatów jak: x264, XviD i DivX. Autor nie wyklucza w przyszłości dodania innych formatów wyjściowych. Do poprawnej pracy wymagany jest .net framework 3.

Zmiany w tej wersji:
New Features
added new QSVEncC switches
added support to use network drive as temp folder
added yadifmod for VapourSynth. Due to popular request I didn't reset the filter profiles, to make the default filter profile for yadifmod available the filter profiles must be manually reset in the filter profile editor.
added new command SaveJpgByPath to preview dialog which can be used to customize the menu to save a jpg file to a fixed path without the file browser showing, the path can contain macros.
added taskbar progress support
Fixed Bugs
fixed the check for enough free space on the disk of the target file, instead of three times the source file one time is now enough
fixed crash StaxRip checking for enough free space in file batch mode and if target directory is network share
fixed Umlaute don't work on Windows 7
fixed many avs/vs scripts are created when the target file name is changed by typing
fixed feature to run jobs in new instance and changed the behaviour of this feature in that when the jobs complete the instance exits without overwriting the settings
Updated Tools
QSVEncC 2.51
yadifmod (VapourSynth) r9
New Features
added setting to prevent the StaxRip window to become the active foreground window if certain applications are currently in the foreground
added new option to disable audio and subtitle demuxing
added subtitle formats column to MediaInfo Folder View
added all missing x265 switches
added hardware decoding methods to x265 'Other' tab, this will bypass AviSynth though
added new standalone mkvextract GUI (Apps > Demux)
added new QSVEncC switches for hard coded subtitles
added MP4 support to standalone demux app
added -avsinfo starting AVSMeter without a source opened
added support for unicode filenames using VapourSynth, AviSynth don't support it
added mkv cutting support without encoding
added MSharpen x64 filter for AviSynth+ x64
added x264 10-Bit support, binary is not included, StaxRip will ask for the location
added ffmpeg codecs x264, x265 and ProRes
added codec help menu to ffmpeg options dialog which shows help for the currently selected codec, it displayes the output queried with 'ffmpeg -h encoder=name'
added option to define preferred audio languages
added audio and subtitle demuxing modes 'Show Dialog', 'Preferred', 'All', 'None'
added x265 changes for v1.9 183
added new option to automatically add hard coded subtitle
added option to define JPEG compression quality in 'Preview > Save JPG' and thumbnail generator
Fixed Bugs
custom switches were missing in the Intel Quick Sync encoding GUI for QSVEncC
fixed crash with ass file by replacing VSFilter with VSFilterMod
the batch audio profile uses now always batch execution, the PATH variable knows the location of ffmpeg, eac3to and BeSweet, the temp files directory is set as current directory, if input files is empty all files are excepted
the search feature of the apps dialog searches now also the supported filters of plugins
enabled audio demuxing using MP4Box for mov files
removed mkvinfo.exe which is 18 MB large and not really needed. It's large due to QT toolkit being used
mkv audio demuxing happens now all streams together instead of every stream separate, it's much faster now.
changed filter profiles editor to support both tab and 4 spaces for multiline profiles, tabs are converted to 4 spaces which is the standard in Python and Visual Studio
log file improvements
filters list view did not accept drag and drop with source files
enabled posibility to remux mov to mp4
the apps dialog writes the customized versions now to the settings folder so it don't matter if the startup folder has no write access
demuxed subtitles are now detected by ID with proper numeric order
improved Dolby Atmos handling
added check if enough disk space is available before a job runs
replaced drop down menus in Event Commands editor with menu based drop downs
Updated Tools
ffmpeg 2016-04-25
mkvtoolnix 9.2.0
MP4Box 0.6.2
mvsfunc 7
StaxRip Toolbox Demux 1.1
yadifmod2 0.0.4
AviSynth 1858
NVEncC 2.07
L-SMASH-Works 879
QSVEncC 2.50
qaac 2.59
x265 1.9 200
AVSMeter 2.2.8
MediaInfo 0.7.86
x264 2694
New Features
support for 3 or more audio tracks added to the muxing dialog
code preview added to filters menu and script preview renamed to code preview in script editor
added a command line switch -show-dialogs:bool and project option 'Show all dialogs when invoked from CLI', by default dialogs are not shown when StaxRip receives CLI arguments
yadifmod2 plugin for AviSynth added
TComb AviSynth plugin added
auto crop plugin replaced with new internal routine supporting both AviSynth and VapourSynth
better subtitle support for m2ts container
decoding options added for AMD encoder
larger x265 custom command line TextBox
x265 new switch added --rc-grain
the encoding options dialogs for x265, AMD, Intel and NVIDIA have now an option to display the full command line
new ffmpeg encoder output options 'H.264 NVIDIA', 'H.264 Intel', 'H.265 Intel', the currently used ffmpeg built doesn't yet support NVIDIA
video encoder profiles added for all encoding codecs StaxRip supports for ffmpeg: 'VP9', 'Xvid', 'ASP', 'Theora', 'H.264 Intel', 'H.265 Intel', 'H.264 NVIDIA'
ffmpeg decoding option -threads added, multi-threading is enabled by default but not recommended for dxva2 decoding and maybe for hardware decoding in general
VapourSynth QTGMC parameters TFF and Preset added to menu
more source and target parameters are now shown in the main dialog
in the scripting editor there is a Join feature to join all filters into one
QTGMC 3.33 for AviSynth
profiles can be saved from the x265/AMD/Intel/NVIDIA/ffmpeg encoding options dialogs
added shortcuts and Export to CSV to MediaInfo Folder View (Tools > Advanced)
added C# (Roslyn) and PowerShell scripting support. Scripts can be started at main menu > Tools > Scripts. There are commands in the command line, main menu and event commands to execute script code or script files.
three VapourSynth filter profiles added based on std.SetFieldBased
added user contributed script 'Convert Bluray (BT709) to 10bit 400nits (MaxFALL) HDR (rev2)'
in the options dialog the subtitles to auto load can now be defined with both two and three letter code, this is useful for people more familiar with three letter codes, both can be mixed, for undetermined previously 'iv' had to be used, now 'und' can also be used.
added setting to scale the UI to a custom factor
many new switches added to Intel Quick Sync encoding GUI for QSVEncC
many new switches added to NVIDIA encoding GUI for NVEncC
added option to set audio default stream
Fixed Bugs
fixed window freeze in eac3to dialog happening when eac3to fails on the input.
fixed showing filter selection dialog even if the source is vpy or avs
fixed StaxRip trying to auto correct the script even if the source is avs or vpy
fixed StaxRip recalculating the video bitrate even when the fixed bitrate option is used
avi muxer supports two audio tracks now
in some cases the two audio output file paths were identical
moving subtitles up and down wasn't working correctly
the new mp4box update should fix a bug many people reported
fixed editing dates in apps dialog not working with Persian calendar
fixed crash using ' character in file paths using VapourSynth
fixed inaccurate right and bottom magnifiers in crop dialog
fixed Python installed by miniconda not being detected
cropping values were multiplied by 2 using NVEncC
fixed subtitle size detection
fixed preview not fitting on screen under some conditions
fixed some issues opening avs or vpy as source file
added new source filter avisource.AVISource for VapourSynth, it can open avi and avs files
the filter selection dialog has now automatic options for both AviSynth and VapourSynth. For avs sources it shows also an option for VapourSynth since VapourSynth's AVISource can open avs files
d2vsource added to VapourSynth
fixed wrong font used pasting code in code editor
in the media info folder view (Tools > Advanced) the context menu functionality did not work for sub folders
in same situations it wasn't possible to close the crop dialog due to an script error, now the message box showing the error has an additional exit button
fixed High DPI scaling bug in the navigation bar of the x265 dialog
in case the audio or subtitle source file is mkv the original stream title was muxed even if it was deleted in StaxRip
line indentation wasn't preserved for multiline filter profiles
better error handling when the source is vpy or avs
when loading an audio file without language info the language of the audio profile/stream stays instead of being changed to undetermined
improved changelog
cutting with VapourSynth is now possible without AviSynth being installed (the audio cutting code was using AviSynth)
The info in the preview looks better and is readable regardless of the current background
source filter preferences in the settings dialog under Source Filter to configure which source filter should be used for a given file in case the source filter in the project is called Automatic is now also available for VapourSynth, with this VapourSynth support in StaxRip should be on par with AviSynth support making both scripting engines first class citizens
x265 tune grain defaults updated
improved bitrate calculation
The media info dialog shows the file size now also in mega byte instead of giga byte only
removed ffmpeg writing long build info to the log file
Video Comparison shows now indexing progress
added version or at least change date and x86 or x64 to every app in the apps dialog
set font to Consolas 10 in scripting editor
the checked list controls of the event command and jobs dialog were replaced with themed controls, in the jobs dialog multi select and Ctrl+A and Delete shortcuts are supported
besides detecting the python location of the regular setup and miniconda setup StaxRip now also searches in the PATH and Path environment variables for python
Updated Tools
AviSynth+ 1841
AVSMeter 2.2.0
ffmpeg 2016-03-10
fmtconv (vs) 20
mkvtoolnix 9.0.1
mp4box 0.6.0
mvtools (vs) v13
NVEncC 2.05
QSVEncC 2.45
x264 2692
x265 1.9+140
yadifmod2 (avs) 0.0.3
New Features
various NVEncC improvements
--vpp-rotate option added to Intel encoder
--lossless switch added to NVEncC GUI for lossless H.264 encoding using a NVIDIA Maxwell GPU
in the eac3to dialog there is a new profiles feature to customize the default settings for the audio streams
Fixed Bugs
The audio gain option was only applied for ffmpeg and qaac, now it's also applied for eac3to
VapourSynth was crashing because StaxRip tried to manually load plugins that were already auto loaded
Removing a filter in the main dialog was broke
Added Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Packages as absolute requirement
VCEEncC didn't work due to incorrect command line generation
copy and execute command line feature in QS, NV and x265 dialogs should work now
wrong command line for MP3 ABR resulting in CBR
VapourSynth can be used now without AviSynth being installed (script must be set to VapourSynth before opening a source, certain audio features like cutting are AviSynth based)
new implementation for suspend, resume and abort
vslsmashsource should work now again
the PayPal donation link should always be in English now
Error exit codes are now also shown as hexadecimal value and are compared to system error codes, in case of a match the system error is shown and logged
Various x265 changes reflecting removed/added switches, options and defaults
replaced CropAbs with the new CropRel in VapourSynth but the profiles and templates are not reset
Updated Tools
eac3to 3.31
ffmpeg 2015-11-30
fmtconv 17
havsfunc 22
KNLMeansCL 0.7.5
lsmashsource/vlsmashsource 875
MediaInfo 0.7.83
mkvtoolnix 8.9.0
mvtools 11
nnedi3 8
NVEncC 2.00ß4
qaac 2.58
QSVEncC 2.29
x265 1.9+54 beta
New: Added VCEEncC support for AMD H.264 encoding
New: Added VapourSynth support for DGDecNV 2050
New: Added aWarpSharp2 plugin for AviSynth+
New: Added msmoosh (MSharpen and MSmooth) plugin for VapourSynth
New: Added finesharp script for VapourSynth
New: Added FluxSmooth plugin added for AviSynth and VapourSynth
New: Added option to disable the dialog for template selection
Fix: mkvmerge crashing on certain files
Fix: Some dialogs were shown in command line mode
Tweak: Added source filter profile 'Manual' for which the source filter selection dialog is shown
Tweak: Added download links and validation of correct version for AviSynth, VapourSynth, Python and DGDecNV
Tweak: Removed DGIndex and enabled ProjectX for VOB demuxing
Tweak: QSVEncC GUI improvements
Tweak: Improved backup feature for filter profiles
Tweak: Improved management of the settings location
Update: x265 1.7+497
Update: MediaInfo 0.7.77
Update: QSVEncC 2.12
Update: KNLMeansCL 0.6.2
Update: MP4Box 0.5.2-DEV-rev649
Update: mkvtoolnix 8.4.0
Update: qaac 2.55 beta
New: HEVC and MPEG-2 encoding modes added to Intel encoder
New: KNLMeansCL plugin added
New: Added option for fixed bitrate even though using a fixed bitrate is not recommended. It was added because over the years it was requested dozens of times. StaxRip will show a warning telling to rather use quality mode and constrain the maximum data rate if necessary
New: Added option to process a audio profile using the context menu in the main dialog
Tweak: Play feature adds resize filter to VapourSynth play script if the source PAR is non 1:1
Tweak: Added clear feature to audio file context menu to easily remove a audio file
Tweak: Added screen bounds magnet docking feature
Tweak: When jobs are completed StaxRip activates now the main window again like it did before but now StaxRip checks if a player is in the foreground and prevents activation if true, it works with MPC, VLC and MediaMonkey, other players might be added on request
Tweak: ProjectX and dsmux are always enabled by default but StaxRip checks only if Java and Haali is installed in case of ProjectX and dsmux are actually executed
Tweak: Improved DGDecNV and DGDecIM integration
fix: filenames with characters like ä ü ö not working VapourSynth
fix: fullscreen mode in preview was not working in Windows 10 because the task bar was in front
Update: x264 r2597
Update: x265 1.7+433
Update: AVSMeter 2.1.0
Update: ffmpeg 2015-08-28
Update: qaac 2.52
Update: NVEncC 1.09
Update: QSVEncC 2.11
Update: MKVToolNix 8.3.0 beta
New: Added full first class VapourSynth support including plugins and profile for QTGMC
New: Added possibility to switch dynamically between any source filter back and forth including DGSource and DGSourceIM. Indexing is triggered automatically in case no index file is present
New: Added vinverse plugin to remove residual combing from NTSC
New: Added GUI for demuxing MKV and MP4
New: Added feature to easily enable certain parameters for certain filters in the AviSynth editor. Currently supported are FFVideoSource and DGSource, more parameters and filters might be supported on request. Use it by right-clicking on FFVideoSource or DGSource in the AviSynth editor, the menu shows then NTSC options and hardware cropping and resizing options.
New: Added Play option for MPC playback in the AviSynth editor
New: Added two new options in the dialog to define files for batch processing to add a entire folder and a entire folder including sub-folders
New: Added new subtitle UI based on data view
New: Added option to generate subtitle names based on the subtitle language
New: x265 switch --limit-refs added
Fix: Disabled audio demuxing for MKV and MP4 by DGIndexNV and DGIndexIM because it's already demuxed by MP4Box and mkvextract
Fix: Tools/Directories/Plugins wasn't pointing to the AviSynth+ plugin directory
Fix: Wrong command line generated for --deblock
Update: QSVEncC 2.0 beta 11
Update: x265 1.7+234
Tweak: DTS bitrate is now unrestricted
Tweak: Moved field processing filters to dedicated category like before in StaxRip x86
Tweak: Replaced LinkLabels with Buttons in eac3to dialog
Tweak: The help for all included AviSynth plugins can now be accessed per menu in the AviSynth editor
Tweak: ProjectX is enabled by default in case Java exists, other dsmux will handle MPEG-2 TS
Tweak: In the dialog to define files for batch processing the 'Create Jobs' option was renamed to 'Demux and index before adding jobs', regardless of if this option is enabled jobs are always created
Tweak: Removed x86 and VS C++ 2013 from AviSynth+ installer bringing it from 18 MB down to 4 MB. Very often VS C++ 2013 is already installed and in case it ain't already installed StaxRip will show the Apps dialog which has a download button for VS C++ 2013.
Tweak: replaced avs4x26x with ffmpeg beta
Added feature to choose which source filter to use when a single file is opened, this gives more MeGUI manual workflow like control without giving up much of StaxRip's automated character
Fixed failing to show log file from main menu
Updated qaac to 2.49
Updated ffms2 to 2.22 RC2 beta
Added Decomb x64 plugin
Greatly improved AviSynth editor
eac3to dialog is now surpressed in batch mode
Improved framerate correction
Replaced DGAVCDec with dsmux
Re-added backup feature to keep backup of filter, audio and video encoder profiles. It means when filter, audio or video encoder profiles are reset, previous profiles are still available in a Backup sub menu, the menu structure is customizable so profiles of the backup sub menu can be moved to top level using the profiles editor which supports multi selection.
Fixed wrong DGIndexNV demux configuration
Updated ffms2 to 2.21 pre-release
Added x265 switch --output-depth to choose between 8bit and 10bit output
Improved 'Demux Configuration' dialog
Fixed and changed cropping and resizing with QSVEncC, there is now for both crop and resize a special AviSynth filter profile 'Hardware Encoder' but if AviSynth is bypassed by enabling hardware decoding in QSVEncC then it's not necessary to use this special profiles, any crop or resize profile will do in this case.
Fixed bug audio streams not being detected for M2TS files
Updated x265 to x265_1.7+2
Updated QSVEncC to 2.0 beta 3 beta
Added QTGMC, masktools2, mvtools2, RGTools and nnedi3
Added new AviSynth editor
Added new macros: fps, fpsnum, fpsden, temp_file is now everywhere used where previously %working_dir%%target_name% was used
Added DGDecIM integration
Added 'Hardware Encoder' resize filter to AviSynth filter profiles which does nothing with AviSynth but enables the Quick Sync resizer
Added option to audio context menu to play audio together with the AviSynth script
Added possibility to use different settings directories for StaxRip 32-Bit and StaxRip 64-Bit
Added x265 options --qpstep and --qg-size
Updated ffms2 which fixes a critical memory leak
Updated AVSMeter to version 2.0.0
Updated AviSynth+ to version v1825
Updated XviD to v1.3.3
Updated x265 to v1.6+298
Updated hardware encoders supporting 64-Bit avs reading
Enabled dsmux to handle any kind of TS
Improved frame rate detection by using fpsnum and fpsden parameters on FFVideoSource and LWLibavVideoSource instead of AssumeFPS which did not work with some interlaced sources
Forced subtitles from DVDs are now added automatically but only if the forced subtitle is the language of the current locale and maximum one forced subtitle is added and the subtitle is added with a forced flag alpha
Fixed Win8/Win10 crash
Added AviSynth+ v0.1.0 r1779 installer alpha
Added xvid_encraw
DivXH265 encoder added
AVSMeter stays open when finished
15 plugins are now integrated alpha
StaxRip uses now AviSynth+ 64-Bit exclusively
x265 is 10-Bit only, using 8-Bit is as simple as replacing the executable
x264 is 8-Bit only, using 10-Bit is as simple as replacing the executable
Hardware encoders don't work currently due to missing avs reading support in the x64 builds
All AviSynth plugins except ffms2 and l-smash are gone due to missing x64 version, RgTools, SangNom2 and checkmate added
Fixed audio delay not always shown in main dialog
Improved VP9 GUI and default values
Updated ffmpeg with new libvpx 1.4 for improved VP9 encoding

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